Monday, November 12, 2007

Michael Gelb has written a new book

Michael Gelb has written a new book. For those of us who know Gelb’s work, this is great news. Mr. Gelb looks at superstars in the arena of human achievement and extracts the essence of the behaviors that make them more creative, productive and successful than the rest of us. Gelb's published works convey keen insight - some might say genius – in a fashion that is readily understandable and usable by the reader.

Gelb’s most well-known books are based upon the creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci and other great thinkers and extract principles we can employ to empower ourselves with some of that genius.

Gelb’s new work, Innovate Like Edison, is about Thomas Edison’s success as an inventor and his amazing ability to get sweeping changes made to the fabric of American society to allow his inventions to be mainstreamed. His inventions of the phonograph, movie camera, and light bulb created the need for the voice and film recording industry and widespread electric power production and distribution. This process of invention and implementation is innovation.

Gelb ferrets the concepts and then describes the practical use of Edison’s Competencies of Innovation:

1. Solution-Centered Mindset
2. Kaleidocopic Thinking
3. Full-Spectrum Engagement
4. Master Mind Collaboration
5. Super-Value Creation
He also uses lots of practical exercises and list a plethora of resources for innovators. I won’t spoil the surprise by describing them, but be assured every entrepreneur and business innovator can benefit from understanding and mastering the application of these competencies.

The book is co-authored with Edison’s great grand niece Sarah Miller Caldicott. This collaboration provided Gelb with access to the Miller/Edison family archives and that adds to the richness of the product. It is available at and other book retailers.